Cate Locke  started her floristry and gardening life as a tiny bud in the belly of a well known Sydney florist. Growing up in the leafy gardens of the North Shore, where from a young age she was sprouting seeds in her grannies potting shed.

"Gardening and flowers have always been a part of everyday life. Growing up, my family always gardened and there were always vases filled with fresh cut flowers in my home, a tradition I now share with my daughter. "

"Respect and adoration of nature has continued its cycle into the botanic sculptress that I am lucky to be. What could be better than working with the bounty of Mother Natures  most beautiful produce?"

 Cate Locke  has a true passion for the art form of floral sculpture and design.  Creative wanderlust and a green thumb has taken her on travels all over the world and immersed her in studies of floristry, horticulture, interior design and event management.

In her many years as a floral sculptress, Cate has created the floral vision for many special events, weddings, corporate functions, product launches, retail spaces private homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, festival installations and magazine styling.